For years we have fabricated custom mailboxes and have been a dealer of Imperial brand mailboxes, but we no longer choose to sell mailboxes. It’s not our core business and it’s always something people need quickly and we are not able to provide timely service for this product. However, if a damaged mailbox can be brought into our shop for repair, then we will provide service for in-house repairs. If we supplied you a New Cambridge mailbox in recent years, we will replace it only if we still have one in stock, but we will not handle installations any longer. If we have provided you an Imperial Mailbox in recent years and it is damaged by a car, we will provide the parts for a new box, but not the re-installation. All other mailbox products are not being fabricated or serviced for repairs as of April 2019.

If you can install the mailbox yourself, then try ordering directly from Imperial Mailbox for a quality cast aluminum mailbox. You can select one of the boxes shown in their gallery or you can build your own from the various options they offer for post styles, box styles and address markers.

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